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After what feels like forever on zoom and in lockdown we are now approaching reopening our classes.  Feels a little crazy that 2 years ago we started an online fitness group with no idea that actually we would come to depend on it for the last year.  

Its been a crazy year when I finished classes in February 2020 to have my second child, I figured I be off for a few weeks.  Never did I anticipate that it wouldnt be until he was 14 months old we would be reopening sessions.  

Our online community has been amazing, its got me through lockdown and things like our ab challenges and Lift lean programmes are here to stay.  However I have really missed seeing all your faces in classes and I hope we can get back to some normality and we will see many of you we have missed over the last year back in classes.  

With all that in mind I thought it was about time we relaunched our website so here it is all updated.  Ive tried to keep it simple but if there is something you'd like to see on here drop us a message or comment.

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